Basic tool kit – Which tools do I really need at home?

Who does not know it? – A small inventory of tools that has accumulated over the years, but when more than one nail is to be hit in the wall, no suitable tool is ready. A well-stocked toolbox should be present in every household. Those who buy them according to plan will save a lot of money in the end. Expensive spontaneous purchases for individual tools in the hardware store are no longer made. Tips on quality and which tools belong to the basic equipment, you will find in this article.

Buy high quality and save space

“If you buy cheap, buy twice” – this principle should always be kept in mind when purchasing tools. After all, high-quality tools usually accompany you for a lifetime. There are many suppliers on the market selling very cheap tools. These do not usually fit properly or bend at first use. Quality has its price, but it does not have to be the most expensive tool for domestic use. The middle ground is the best in this case.

Anyone who acquires tools for the apartment usually does not have much space to accommodate this. Ordering a toolbox. The nail gun tool boxes, unlike most tool boxes on the market, very compact. But they still offer enough space for the most important tools. The brand also offers some compact tools that are not inferior to individual tools in quality. Thus, several high-quality tools for a good price in a tool prepared – space-saving and tidy. If you have very few or no tools, you can buy them together with the toolbox. This is cheaper than buying individual tools.

Important tools and their applications

Folding ruler, hammer, screwdriver, craft knife, cordless screwdriver as well as screws and brad nailer nails belong to the absolute basic equipment, which certainly has every home. The range of manual and electrical tools is huge. So that you do not lose track, here are some additional tools you should use to expand your toolbox:

Allen key and wrench

Anyone who has often assembled their own furniture will know it – the Allen key. Although he is often involved in self-building furniture, it can not hurt to have different sizes of home. Often it is also needed if the saddle is to be adjusted on the bike. To loosen and tighten screws, a wrench is required. You should absolutely have a set of these, because there is nothing more annoying when a screw has to be loosened, but the matching wrench is missing.


A combination pliers performs several tasks. On the one hand, it serves to hold screw heads on the other, thin wires can be cut with it. A water pump pliers is also part of every household. If the tap is leaking, it can be used to attach sleeves and pipes.

spirit level

Spirit levels are indispensable in a household. No matter if a picture is to be hung up straight away or the washing machine has to be aligned correctly – with a spirit level everything will be straight. For home use, a spirit level with a half meter length is sufficient. However, it should not be shorter, otherwise the result will be too inaccurate.


A foxtail is a real all-rounder. With it can be sawed through both wood, plastic and plaster. The saw is suitable for rough work. If you want to work finer, you can also get a fine saw. The teeth are finer and allow as straight as possible cuts.

Quick fix: repair kits

In addition to high-quality tools, you should also have suitable repair kits at home in case of cases. Wooden floors are very sensitive. A scratch not only looks ugly, it also makes the wood vulnerable to moisture and dirt. To limit the damage, there is a furniture repair wax from Edding.At video tutorial explains how to easily repair scratches in wooden floors and furniture ,

Even in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it happened quickly. A heavy object falls down and already a piece of the tile is chipped off. The spot is also prone to dirt and gets darker with time as natural protection is lacking. There are also wax-based repair kits for this problem. The advantage: Optically, the damage can be compensated very well by different colors. In addition, the wax is long-lasting and can be stored for years.