Clothes dryer in the test

Who does not know that – the laundry is big, time is tight and you want to put on exactly what is in the laundry basket. Since it is nice if there is a helper in distress. The tumble dryer saves above all space, because for the clothesline or a drying rack must serve the dry cellar, garden or balcony. Likewise, one avoids the long wait until the laundry is finished and the laundry comes out of the machine softer and less crumpled. The tumble dryer is thus an excellent and nowadays also energy efficient answer to the drying rack. Many arguments speak for the tumble dryer – but which model is the right one: Condenser dryer or heat pump dryer?

Which model fits to whom?

Not every model is suitable for everyone, so you should be aware in advance about what properties of the dryer should have. The three most important purchase criteria are the capacity, the type of drying and the energy consumption. When filling, please note that this is adapted to the washing machine. If this six kilograms holds, the dryer should best be able to record eight or nine kilograms. The weights of a washing machine apply to dry laundry, but a dryer for wet. As a result, the latter is correspondingly heavier. For single households a capacity of 3-5 kilos is ideal. A household with two people, however, requires a machine with 5-6 kg capacity. Families should choose a 7-9 kilo machine.

Today, tumble dryers no longer need to push up the electricity bill if you make a good choice. The EU energy label can be read on every dryer. This indicates the type of drying, the maximum load and volume, as well as the energy efficiency class. For current models, this ranges from D to A +++. The latter refers to a device that consumes very little energy. Even if you might not believe it, a Class B energy-efficient appliance may require seventy percent more energy than a Dryer with A +++. Therefore, it is recommended to buy at least one appliance of energy efficiency class A. Surely you have to dig deeper into the wallet, but this investment over the years of use quickly recovered – especially in the ever-increasing electricity prices.
Since everyone has different wishes and needs when drying clothes, you should also worry about what programs you need. Is there a special program for wool, easy-care or down? Also, the question arises whether the display informs about the remaining drying time or whether it detects with the help of sensors, how wet the laundry is still. Moisture sensors save additional energy and protect the laundry from over-drying. Interior lighting, beeps at the end of the program or start time delay to automatically start drying at a specific time are then more of the additional functions. Of course, one can assume that the more functions a tumble dryer has, the more expensive it is.
To simplify the selection a little, the five best tumble dryers will be presented below. For this purpose, the advantages and disadvantages of condensing and heat pump dryer are listed.

Siemens WT46W261

Siemens has been satisfying people with household products for decades. This will also be achieved by the model WT46W261, a heat pump dryer with energy efficiency class A ++ and a capacity of eight kilos.He made it to No. 1 in the test.

domestic equipments

  • With ActiveAir Technology, a further development of heat pump technology
  • SelfCleaning Condenser, a maintenance-free and self-cleaning condenser
  • Sensitive Drying System
  • AutoDry ensures that the laundry dries according to their own preferences
  • Fully electronic one-button operation for humidity-controlled, time and special programs
  • LED drum interior lighting
  • Child safety and signal at the end of the program
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 cm x 59.7 cm x 63.6 cm, can be pushed from 85 cm niche height


  • Energy efficiency class A ++: this means low energy consumption during use
  • Self-cleaning function : this function saves time and work
  • AutoDry: this function allows you to take into account the individual preferences of tumble drying


  • There are no weaknesses

AEG Lavatherm 65280AC

The AEG Lavatherm T65280AC is an energy efficiency class B condenser. It has a capacity of 8 kg and special programs for special fabric types as well as types of laundry. A crease protection is available. In the test, this dryer is ranked 2nd.

domestic equipments

  • Silent System Plus, resulting in only a noise of 57 to 64 dB
  • Time delay function
  • crease
  • Different programs
  • LCD display


  • Silent: the noise level is low with this dryer and thus does not interfere with other activities
  • Fast: The classic AEG condenser dryer needs only 130 minutes for the whole load
  • Special programs: special types of fabrics and clothes are considered in the various programs


  • High power consumption: 4,48 kWh consumed each time
  • No self-cleaning function: the cleaning itself must be done and takes some time

Samsung WD906P4SAWQ / EC

Ranked # 3 in the tumble dryer Samsung WD906P4SAWQ / EG. This model is a fully equipped tumble dryer that consumes very little energy with energy efficiency rating A +++. He also has a large capacity and also convinces with a modern design.

domestic equipments

  • Can wash 9kg and dry 6kg
  • Full graphic LED display
  • Diamond care drum
  • The foam active technology allows deeper and more uniform penetration of the laundry during washing


  • Washing and drying performance: this model can be used not only for drying the laundry, but also for washing. This also means that you save space at the same time
  • Extensive features: the technology is optimally installed in this dryer and offers numerous functions
  • Simple operation: thanks to the fully graphic LED display, operation is simple despite its many functions
  • Low power and water consumption: the electricity and water bill is not driven up with this device


  • Operation: You can not control the machine via the app as in the normal washing machine series
  • no self-cleaning function: after use, this tumble dryer must be thoroughly cleaned
  • In the price very high: you save electricity in this device, but it must also take something deeper into the bag

Gorenje D7465

This model from Gorenje is a heat pump dryer, which has made it to fourth place in the test. This has the energy efficiency class A ++ and is therefore very energy efficient.The capacity is 7 kg.

domestic equipments

  • TwinAir technology together with the SesorIQ technology produces the optimum degree of dryness
  • 15 drying programs
  • Central knob on condensation tumble dryer
  • Condensation efficiency class A
  • Sound power level of 65 dB


  • Easy to use: all programs can be read from the front and dialed via the rotary control
  • Energy- saving: the energy consumption of this tumble dryer is 1.63 kWh
  • Convenient: the price / performance ratio is great


  • small variety of programs: the selection is limited to only 15 programs
  • no self-cleaning function: regular cleaning is a must
  • Design: little modern elements make the design rather unattractive
  • no LCD display: this would have given the tumble dryer a bit more modernity

Bosch WTW86271

This machine is ranked 5th in the test and is a heat pump dryer with energy efficiency class A ++. It has a capacity of 8kg and has many features to offer. In addition, this dryer convinces with stylish design and is quite quiet.

domestic equipments

  • ActiveAir Technology, a further development of heat pump technology
  • SelfCleaning Condenser
  • Sensitive Drying System, for a gentle and crease-free drying
  • AutoDry allows drying exactly as you wish
  • Condensation efficiency class B
  • A noise level of 64 dB
  • AntiVibration Design
  • Special programs like wool finish, mix and towels
  • childlock


  • Energy saving: the energy consumption of the standard cotton program when fully filled is 1.93 kWh, that of the standard cotton program with partial filling is 1.08 kWh
  • Program variety: many special programs fulfill every wish of the consumer
  • Easy to use: the fully electronic one-button operation for humidity-controlled, time and special programs avoids having to deal intensively with the operating instructions
  • Self-cleaning system: the SelfCleaning Condenser removes the cleaning from the consumer
  • low noise level: the sound power level is 64 dB
  • Chic design: through the glass door with frame and the modern display, this model also impresses externally
  • Modern technology: the heat pump can do without maintenance


  • The Bosch WTW86271 heat pump dryer leaves nothing to be desired


Basically you can say that you should choose the energy efficiency class A when buying, in order to keep the power consumption low. In addition, heat pump dryers are more energy efficient than conventional condensate dryers without a heat pump and are gentler on the laundry. For heat pump dryers, however, you have to be patient a bit more than with conventional dryers.

The program duration can amount to two hours or more when the drum is full. Also in the purchase they are higher in price than conventional dryers. So it is always important to follow his ideas and decide for yourself which equipment the model should have. To inform yourself about other models with their advantages and disadvantages, there are many more dryers with test reports. We wish you a lot of success in the search and as a little help, here is an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps and condenser driers:

  • Heat pump dryer:

Dryers with a heat pump consume little energy and are also gentler on the laundry. The duration of the program, however, can be up to 2 hours and is therefore quite time consuming. Furthermore, heat pump dryers are relatively expensive, yet they are often worth their price.

  • Condensation:

These clothes dryers are among the traditional models. These often have a low noise level and a shorter program duration.Although they are not particularly energy-efficient, however, also condenser dryers have special programs that satisfy the user.