Design wall murals yourself

Are you in the process of beautifying your stay or even renovating it? Or do you generally just want to give some rooms a new look? Are you looking for something very special, something individual? Then we have great suggestions for you.

Do not decorate your walls with the help of purchased wallpapers, make or design them yourself. In the following we present you three variants, how the project can succeed.

Create great patterns with stencils

Would you like your wall to be decorated with a creative pattern from now on? Then use templates. An already attached, monochrome wallpaper – the color you can choose – must serve as a base for this procedure. Take the color that fits well with the paint you want to color the stencils with.

When choosing the template your imagination knows no bounds. No matter what you want to print on the wallpaper, no matter how you want to arrange it, whether in straight lines, in the curled shape or should you want to cover every inch of the wall, anything is possible!

  1. Once you have decided on the type and arrangement of the pattern, use masking tape to mark the places where you want to position the ornaments. Determine the starting point of your pattern with precision so that the alignment of the design remains consistent.
  1. It is best to start at one of the corners of the wall and tape the template so that it does not shift when you draw it out.
  1. When you're done with the pattern alignment and masking, you're ready to go. Carefully dip the brush in the paint and paint off what is too much. This step is very important because too much color means that the painting smears easily.
  1. Then carefully dab the brush into the inside of the stencil and gently build up the desired intensity of color, step by step.
  1. It is important that you mark with a pencil exactly where you have placed the template. Fine-draw the four corners of the cut. If you then remove the template from the wall, you know where the image was and where you need to attach the next template.
  1. Paint the rest of the wall in this way as well. When you come to the ends of the wallpaper, trim the template so that it adapts to the corners. So you can create the seamless transition of a wallpaper.
  1. If you have painted at one point so that it smeared and no longer looks beautiful, paint with the basic tone of the wall just over and cover so the error.

Design wallpaper with your own photo

There are now many Internet portals that allow you to turn images taken with your digital camera into wallpaper. In order to do this, you only need to upload the photo you want to one of the websites of the many providers. A configurator then shows you what the picture on the walls would look like, of course with the right dimensions. It is also possible to edit the photo so that it has the correct format. So you have guaranteed a wallpaper that no one else owns.

Make a wallpaper from books

Would not it be cool to have your favorite books stuck to your walls? We show how to do it!

  1. Take the books you want on your wall and a utility knife at hand. With this you cut off the pages of the books as close to the edge as possible. To cut straight, you can use a ruler.
  1. If you have selected several books, it may happen that the sizes of the pages differ. If that's the case, cut the pages so they're all the same size – if you want. That all pages must have the same size is nowhere written. How you want to handle it is up to you.It depends on whether you want it to be neat or if you are more into the collage look.
  2. However, it is important that you know from the outset how big your wall and your pages are, so that you do not realize at some point that you have too few book pages and need to buy new books.
  3. When it is clear that you have enough material, paint one side of the paper with wallpaper paste and place one on the wall one at a time. Begin at one of the corners so that it is easier to spread the leaves from there.
  4. Always press the pages to the wall immediately after you have coated them with glue, otherwise the glue dries and the paper becomes unusable.
  5. Enough time to check if you have placed the book page well, but you. You can easily adjust misalignments and push the paper into a straight position.
  6. If you have applied all the pages, but still get rid of some corners, just go with the wallpaper paste over the stubborn spots and press the paper – your personal wallpaper is done!