DIY – making Christmas decorations yourself

In the shops it sparkles and sparkles and in the shop windows a Christmas moose chases the next one. The figures and spheres look pretty, but it should be something special for your own home. So let's make the most beautiful Christmas decorations in the world yourself!

For beginners – two simple craft ideas

Sometimes you just do not have the inspiration. That's why I regularly visit Pinterest to get some creative input. There are countless pins for Christmas, decoration and handicrafts. Two DIY projects I find especially beautiful and that's why I introduce you to these here. Have fun doing it yourself.

Glitter garland of leaves

That's what the whole thing should look like later. The cheesy piece is crafted in a jiffy and a real eye-catcher in the living room. You only need:

  • Artificial leaves from Amazon, about 4 euros
  • Spray adhesive from the craft shop
  • Glitter particles, e.g. B. from Etsy, about 3 euros
  • Ribbon or wool

First of all, punch a hole in the top of the page with a punch or a pointed object. Then you lay out newspapers or foil on the table. Then spread the leaves on the table and spray the top side with spray glue. Since the stubborn stuff dries very quickly, you should not wait too long, but sprinkle the glitter particles as soon as possible on the leaves. Make sure that the adhesive does not get on your hands, because it is very difficult to remove. Do not use the glitter too sparingly, because the remaining particles will shake you off later and use them for the next leaf. After about an hour, the glue is completely dry and you can gently shake the leaves. If there are gaps, just spray some glue on it again and wait until everything has dried. You do the same with the leaf underside. Then you knot the tapes and hang the finished glitter sheets on a long piece of wool or gift ribbon and the super nice Christmas decoration for the living room or the hallway is ready.

Folding paper firs

Almost as fixed, but less cheesy are these pendants for the Christmas tree or the Advent bush in the vase. Here is only a little foldability required. The arts and crafts are limited to:

  • colorful paper
  • adhesive
  • compasses
  • scissors
  • Needle & thread
  • Toothbrush and color

If you want to have an extra effect on your tree, sprinkle the paper with an old toothbrush and a color of your choice. For this, mix the tinting ink with a little water, drown in the toothbrush and sprinkle it from a distance of about 15 cm.

After a drying time of about 20 minutes, draw a circle in the size of his choice with a compass. Carefully cut out and off you go with wrinkles.

Always fold the circle from one half to the other until it stops, because the paper is too small. The more kinks you make, the more edges the fir has later.

Before you open the circle completely, you go with the fingernail or another object on the Pfalzkanten so that the kinks are also clearly visible.

The next step is a bit tricky, because you have to lay the resulting kinks in or out, so that at the end of a small tree.

Finally, you sweep the inside of the circle again with glue so that the tree retains its shape. Fix a hole in the tip of the pine and thread a thread and the Christmas tree decorations in Scandinavian style are ready.