Future networked living – that's what Smart Home needs to know

Smart home systems are on everyone's lips. In recent years, a lot has happened in this area. A new building without a smart home system – hardly imaginable. After all, the future is in connected living. We will show you which advantages and opportunities connected living offers and which systems and devices make sense for home use.

Smart Home: advantages and possibilities

Smart home is one of the most promising techniques when it comes to building houses. Who builds a house in the future, should rely on networked living. This can increase the later value of the house many times over. Smart home makes living safer and brings a lot of fun in everyday life in addition to comfort. Smart Home technologies have matured in recent years and have established themselves on the market. The number of smart devices has also become considerable.

The following diagram of the Smava GmbH gives an exemplary overview of how networked living can look like today.

Smart appliances can be used in every area of ​​the house. These are either taken into account directly during the construction of the house or can be supplemented or extended later. Connected living offers the following advantages:

  • Burglary protection through app control and irregular regulation of light and blinds
  • Consumption of electricity, heating and water is regulated efficiently and thus saves money
  • comfortable everyday life with smart helpers
  • more entertainment with smart TVs, radio and voice-enabled devices
  • Living in old age becomes easier and safer
  • Damage to the house can be detected early

Wired Smart Home

Anyone who decides on a wired system benefits from many advantages, but must also pay attention to detailed planning in advance. Many electrical devices, such as televisions, receivers or game consoles, are already networkable today. The trend will continue in future to make many more household appliances network-ready. It is therefore advisable to provide at least one network connection for each room. Dominating the market is the bus wiring. This allows for almost unlimited use – so the system can be supplemented in the future to further smart home devices.

Smart home via radio

If you want to upgrade your house or apartment with a smart home system, you will need radio-based systems. They are cheaper than wired systems and much easier to install. The radio system is controlled by a central home server. These can be used to regulate battery-operated receivers, such as the thermostat of the heating system. There are various providers on the market – it would be best to get advice from an expert on which solution is best for your living situation.

The most popular smart home devices at a glance

Smart home devices are in demand. If you would like to make your own home smarter, we recommend that you also inform yourself about the possibilities of modifying old devices.

Whether via app or voice control – these four categories are among the most popular smart home techniques for efficiency, savings and entertainment reasons:

security technology

One of the most sought after areas is safety technology. In hardly any other area there are currently more smart devices. The selection ranges from alarm systems, surveillance cameras to light alarms. In particular, the control and monitoring by app, when the residents are on vacation, is of great interest to users. If the smart devices detect an unauthorized entry into the house, a warning signal is triggered. In addition to burglary protection, smart smoke detectors are also needed. Per app you will be informed about a possible smoke development.

lighting technology

Atmospheric room lighting, dimming or illuminating dark corners when you get home – the smart lighting not only helps save energy, it also sets custom settings.Did you forget to turn off the light in the living room? No problem, the app allows you to regulate the lighting at any time.

Energy saving with smart heating thermostats

Efficient heating saves money in winter. With smart heating thermostats, your heating will only heat up when it falls below a pre-set temperature. Of course, the control via app is also possible here. Heat up your four walls at the touch of a button before you get home!

Smart lifestyle products

Smart lifestyle products are also popular because comfortable living becomes possible with you. Thanks to smart sockets, you can already control your coffee machine from bed. Even the smart vacuum robot can be restarted from the road when spontaneous visit announces. In particular, devices that can be operated by voice control are in greater demand than ever before.