Garden design – ideas for your individual oasis of well-being

Is not everyone like that? During a construction or renovation, the focus will only be on the beautiful things at the end – a retreat or an oasis of well-being. And which place offers itself better than the terrace or the garden?

The garden design has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially in summer, a garden is like a second living room. For this reason, more and more people resort to professional help and can be realized by gardeners and landscapers their garden dream. But not everyone has the small change necessary to tackle such a project. Even with few resources, you can create a wonderful garden that is more individual and comfortable thanks to its personal touch than an expensive garden project.

The terrace as the center of the garden

Garden furniture is important because it forms the center of a garden and dictates the design style. When buying garden furniture you have to pay attention to quality, because in the summer you spend many hours outside. Garden furniture is available in different styles and at very different prices. Taste, convenience and price play the main roles in the purchase. It is important to make a plan before designing. How much budget do I have? In what style should my garden be designed – Japanese, modern, Mediterranean or at least an exotic flair? Depending on the style, you decide on a material. Wooden garden furniture is very timeless, while aluminum furniture is modern and durable. Especially popular are lounge furniture made of polyrattan.

Anyone looking for a cheap alternative to purchased garden furniture, can fall back on Euro pallets. They can be used everywhere and enable you to design your own garden. Be it as a lounge furniture group or raised bed – there are no limits to creative boundaries here. Even as wall shelves parts of Euro pallets can be wonderfully used. In the following video you will find instructions for the construction of lounge furniture made of Euro pallets, which you can modify according to your wishes:

Tips for an individual garden design

Have you decided on a comfortable seating, it goes to the garden design. Working with different elements, heights and plants creates an exciting overall picture. Taking the following tips into consideration, create your own oasis of well-being:

  • When planting choose also for evergreen plants. These provide color in dreary winter months.
  • Compare prices! Do not hit the first bid, but compare with different providers.
  • Get creative. Only the own handwriting makes the garden an individual well-being oasis. Be inspired and implement your own ideas. You will not regret it!
  • High quality planter as an eye-catcher. Large planters ensure a clear line in the garden. Timeless models embed themselves in the different garden styles depending on the type of planting, even if it changes over the years. Pflanzwerk's experts at Pflanzwerk recommend plant pots made from a mixture of fiberglass, stone and magnesia, as they are very robust, long-lasting and of high quality. Planters in muted colors look particularly noble.
  • Provide privacy, through a fence, dividers, tall plants or planting flower tubs. If you feel watched, you can switch off badly.
  • Take your time, because only then will you be satisfied with the result in the end. Garden design is a process that lasts for a longer period of time. Especially decoration elements are usually integrated into the picture later.

Own harvest – raised beds are the trend

Raised beds are absolutely trendy and should not be missing in your new garden design! Raised beds make garden herbs and similar plants grow longer and faster, as the temperature is consistently higher in height than on the ground. In addition, raised beds protect the herbs from pests. Even in small gardens there is a corner where you can grow your own fruit and vegetables.Raised beds are available in different shapes and sizes. In the guide of Gartenallerlei you will find tips on the design and choice of materials for a raised bed. It does not work fresher than from your own bed. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only look great, but can be eaten directly by shrubs and trees without hesitation. The choice is varied – tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, cherries, apples, plums – the list of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the local garden is long.