How to choose a cheap wood stove

cheap wood stove

It is important to keep your home warm during winter. One of the best ways to heat your home is wood stoves. However, they are pretty expensive, so if you are short on budget you should consider choosing one of the cheap wood stoves.

The conventional wood-burning stove is the classic way to heat individual rooms or whole floors with wood. Firewood creates a fire that convinces and fascinates with its originality, the sounds and the special kind of warmth. If there is a chimney connection, a wood stove can be installed in every room, in the cellar, in the garden or in workshops. It must be paid attention to a side and rear distance of 50 centimeters to combustible parts. The wood stoves are connected with a pipe to the chimney connection. If a flammable floor covering is laid in the room, a glass plate should be used as a floor space.

Heating capacity and material

Mostly, cheap wood stoves comply with the control of the EPA and are accepted by the chimney sweep without any further technical precautions. You can choose between a wood stove with and without sheathing. In both variants, the combustion chamber, which is lined with heat-storing firebrick, is located behind a fireproof glass door. This gives you a fantastic view of the roaring fire.

Coverings made of soapstone, natural stone or tiles store the heat, so that the stove also warms when the fire is extinguished. Sheathed wood stoves are therefore more energy efficient. When choosing the model, it is important to consider the room size. The heating power must be adjusted to the heat demand of the room. The rule of thumb is that you can heat ten square meters with one to two kilowatts. For poorly insulated old buildings, a higher heating capacity must be taken into account. The nominal capacity of the stoves is specified by the manufacturer. A stove covered with heavy soapstone can reach a rated output of up to 14 kilowatts.

Fuel for the cheap wood stove

In addition to the maintenance costs, a wood burning stoves costs firewood. Here, the price range is very broad and depends on the type of wood and the degree of processing. If you grab the ax yourself and chop the logs, you can save a lot of money. But you can also get ready shredded firewood delivered. Many wood stoves are now also equipped for continuous use and can therefore heat continuously for 24 hours. However, wood has to be refilled again and again. The constant necessity to keep the fire up is for many people also the biggest disadvantage of a wood stove.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the wood stove heats a room quickly to more than 25 degrees, which is sometimes perceived as unpleasant. For this reason, you should not choose a wood stove with a nominal power over nine kilowatts. The rooms are overheated quickly and you have to constantly throttle the stove, which leads to excessive soot formation.