How to choose wood stove

wood stoves

It is impossible to imagine comfortable living in a country house in the cold period of the year without having a space heater. Now, speculating which stove to choose for a house, the habitants of suburban areas prefer to choose wood stoves of a more compact size.
Relatively recently, for this purpose, quite massive furnaces were built using stone and brick. Such units, due to the fact that they had impressive dimensions, occupied a lot of useful area in the room, and this circumstance caused great inconvenience. They are able to retain heat for a long time, however, they are quite messy.

What kind of wood burning stove you should choose

The modern market offers consumers a large selection of wood heaters for suburban real estate. Each type of stove has a differences, allowing you to easily select the heating design in accordance with the requests. They can have different shapes and sizes.

In addition, there are combined wood stoves, which in use are used both for heating and for cooking, and therefore they have several modes of operation. For example, in the cold season they can be used in heating and cooking mode, and when the need for heating disappears, only for cooking. The consumer at any time can use only the necessary mode with his own hands. It is important to choose the right choice and decide which stove to choose for heating the house.

When choosing the best wood burning stoves, it is necessary to take into account the area, which is planned to be heated. The fact is that in the heat may not need all the rooms, but only some of them and therefore there is no sense to heat the entire house completely. Therefore it is important to plan the house with the stove.

When carrying out the calculations proceed from the fact that one cubic meter of the room’s volume loses about 24000 joules of heat for an hour, and during this time the “square” of the furnace surface is, on the average, deprived of 2.000.000 joules. As a result, it can be concluded that the heating design with an area of ​​2 sq.ft is capable of providing a heat of 80 sq.ft of space.

Summer homes are used usually in the warm season, so in cold weather they cool down to a temperature below the freezing point. If the owner of suburban real estate arrives at his house in the winter, the building must provide heat in the shortest time and maintain the heating for a long time at a certain comfortable level.

As a rule, one heating unit is enough for the heating of your home. If the budget allows, experts recommend giving preference to multifunctional equipment, as it is able to warm up living quarters much faster than inexpensive analogues. Such aggregates limit the ingress of oxygen into the furnace, and they switch to work in a regime of prolonged combustion, which is more economical. Furnaces that can work on the same fuel tab continuously for 8 hours are called catalytic.

Masonry heaters

People that live in suburban areas are interested in whether brick houses are suitable for holiday cottage. The answer is unequivocal: of course, but it is necessary to integrate the heater, thanks to which it is possible to increase the heat transfer at the initial stage of heating (read also: “Which stove is better for the house – choose the design, the type of fuel, and the principle of operation of the stove”).

So, what kind of stove should I choose for a holiday house, if it is planned to use infrequently, but from time to time? Usually such units have thin walls – they are put in a quarter of a brick.

The most optimal, and therefore widespread, is the option of combining the stove and fireplace. First, the fireplace is heated, which quickly heats up a small house in the area, and only then the furnace is started, capable of giving heat within 11-12 hours.

The disadvantage of brick structures for a holiday house in frosty weather is that a frozen furnace should be heated very carefully.Before buying a specific model of a wood heater for a country house, you need to decide on the selection criteria.

To solve the problem, how to choose a stove for a house, you should ask yourself a number of questions and answer them:

  • what form of heating structure is like;
  • from what material the furnace must be made;
  • what type of fuel is most available in the region;
  • whether the unit will be used for cooking;
  • what wall thickness the furnace should have;
  • which system of intracellular channels is preferable;
  • how to place the chimney.


There are several important requirements for wood stoves:

They have to:

  • be simple to maintain and easy to use;
  • Provide the warmth to the house in the shortest possible time;
  • inexpensive to cost;
  • be durable, compact, efficient and durable;
  • Stably maintain the heat for a long time;
  • function not only on wood alone, but also on wood waste, such as sawdust briquettes, pellets, etc.

Types of wood stoves

There are several types of stoves that can heat your home up. It can be, for example, a stove with a water boiler or steam heating.

Here are the possible options:

Wood burning fireplace insert – this device looks like a simple fireplace familiar to everyone. But it can very quickly warm up the room and keep heat for a long time. Fireplace inserts are featured with improved fire safety, reliability and space heating capabilities as compared to traditional fireplaces. Presence of a regulator in such a modern unit allows to save on fuel consumption. It is not difficult to install a fireplace insert: it needs to be connected to the chimney, but it is not necessary to glaze with fire-resistant construction materials.

Wood burning stoves – they are characterized by reliability, efficiency, fast heating, easy installation and small dimensions. It heats the small rooms well. Wood stoves should be attached to the floor.

Combined stoves – Heating and cooking stoves, in addition to heating, allow you to prepare food. The owner of a holiday home in the presence of such a heating structure does not have to spend additional money to buy a cooker and to pay for electricity or gas. Many units of this type have an oven and a variety of shelves.

Potbelly stove – such heating device is characterized by the simplicity of the structural solution. It consists of a housing that has a furnace door, an accumulator for ash and a grate for wood. Modern potbelly stoves have presentable appearance.

In the domestic market there is a huge selection of high-quality products from the European, Chinese, and American manufacturers, so that the owner of a house will easily be able to solve the problem of how to choose a best wood stove. Often such a heating appliance is decorated with artistic casting, equipped with doors made of high-quality mineral glass, which allows you to look at dancing flames.

These furnace units have a high efficiency and are an excellent device for heating the house. The presence of a damper makes it possible, if necessary, to regulate the thrust and the combustion regime, depending on the needs. In one hour of operation, potbelly stove is able to heat a 60 sq.ft room to 60f. However, it is unable to retain heat for a long time. It is possible to purchase and install a cast iron stove, which will retain heat for a longer time.

Secondary combustion stoves – in the case where a simple and efficient wood heater is required, this kind of stove is a preferable choice. Secondary combustion stoves resemble an iron barrel girdled with pipes. The design solution and the principle of operation make it possible to burn fuel almost completely. Their efficiency can be as much as 75-80%. Continuous operation depends on the volume of the furnace chamber and the type of fuel used. So one pile of firewood is enough for 5 hours or burning or even more.