How to make wine rack with the siding nailer

siding nail gun

A lot of visitors of our tasting room asks “Where did you get these fine wine racks”. The answer is simple, we made the ourselves with the help of pneumatic tools, particularly a nail gun.

What could be better than being invited to a glass of wine in a well-stocked wine cellar? Only the feeling of holding the best siding nailer in your hand. But we’ll talk about it later. If you like wine, you’ll need a well-made wine rack.

Because with such an expensive and noble drops are only brought to advantage and do not disappear behind a door. In addition, this type of storage is also good for the wine. Wine stays longer lasting there. In this little guide, you will know how to make a wine rack with some planks, nails and a nailer.

Wine enjoys a fine, distinguished reputation – and it should be presented just as elegantly. This is best done with a decorative wine shelf. Because only with a wine rack your favorite wines are set as a special eye-catcher. But wine racks are not only a decorative room decoration, they fulfill an important purpose: Lying stored wines, whether red wine or white wine, last longer and are still edible after a few years.

Mostly, a wine rack made of wood or as a wine rack made of metal is available. These materials also allow a fancy design, so are often very decorative. Also increasingly common: wine racks made of plastic. Wine racks are like the nail guns, they can be built of different materials. For example, a siding nailer can be built with either aluminium or magnesium alloy.

How to use your siding nailer to get things done

To made a wine rack, you will need: a siding nailer, 2 inch nails, and 4×6 wood planks. Of course you can save some money and use a particle board instead of wood, but it’s really not a best option. So, to make a wine rack, take your nail gun, take your planks, and do what you need to do.

The result will be either good or bad depending on your carpentry skills. Please note that a different type of nailer such as brad nailer or a finish nailer will be less preferred option. The reason for that, is that those types of nail guns are intended to be used for delicate carpentry such as trims fastening, rather than constructing a solid piece of furniture such as wine rack.

Classic wine racks are built in principle like normal shelves, but have in the crossbar, so in the shelves notches in the wine bottles are put into it. So the bottles do not roll around, so they are safe and can not fall out. Such a shelf is usually made of metal or wood. The wooden one is definitely looks better and more authentic, however, metal racks are more durable. The classic wine rack are usually placed alongside the wall. It is leaned against the wall and can accommodate many bottles.

A wine rack for the living room or the kitchen, however, may be less functional designed. Often, such a thing is made of metal or cast iron, just like the siding nail guns. But it can be made of bamboo or cedar as well, which will fit better in the design of a living room.

The bottles are usually placed in these shelves in openings and not in notches. The bottles are very safe in these shelves. A design wine shelf can also come as a wine rack for the wall or as a wine rack. However, since such a bottle shelf is rather small, the size allows only a limited number of bottles. As a rule, there are 5-12 subjects.

It is especially good when the wine rack is stackable, it’s even better than the nail guns with the automatic jam-release system. Although it is usually small at first, it can be expanded in any amount or width if your wine collection is getting bigger or if you want to turn your cellar into a wine cellar.

Because the wine is such a thing, you know, the more you take the more you want. Same goes with the wine racks. When i opened my own tasting room, i’ve had ten wine racks, each for 180 bottles of wine. But i haven’t even had a single nail gun. Not even the pneumatic one, let alone more sophisticated things like cordless nailers.  Now i have 90 racks total, and the installation of these were really easy since it was a stackable racks made with the best siding nailer i could find.

If you have now found the best wine rack for yourself, you may also ask the question: Which wines should be in the wine rack? The answer is simple. Above all, wines with natural corks must be stored horizontally and should therefore necessarily in your individual wine rack comparison winner.

Because if the cork is not kept sufficiently moist, it shrinks and the wine gets oxygen, which makes it mature faster. At some point, it will only be inedible. We also recommend you to grab wines with wax-sealed corks. The wax keeps the oxygen even better.

Wines with screw caps, plastic corks or bottle caps can be stored standing without hesitation, but of course they can also be presented decoratively in the bottle rack.