Insect protection in the house: These possibilities exist

Insects are not welcome guests in the house. The little crawlies are not only annoying if you want to fall asleep and feel disturbed by their buzzing. Insect bites are also unpleasant and can even be very dangerous for some people. Therefore, you should protect your house from unwanted vermin. But what possibilities exist that insects can not come in and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the possible solutions? What can you do when the annoying animals are already in the house?

Insect protection for windows and doors

Sure, nobody wants to have insects in the house. But by what means can you make sure that the animals can not gain access?

Insect screen in a tenter frame

One of the most stable products in the area of ​​insect protection is fly screens, which are clamped in a solid frame. This variant is not only visually appealing, but also durable. The frames are adapted to the individual dimensions of the door or window. There are also special fly screen doors to keep insects out of your home. These are equipped with an automatic door closer and easy to assemble. Depending on the model, however, drilling may be necessary.

Fly screen with Velcro

This insect repellent solution is a cost-effective variant that is quickly mounted. The self-adhesive Velcro strip can be easily cut to fit and attached to the window frame. Then press on the grid and cut off any remaining parts of the net. It is important, however, that the grid fits well everywhere on the Velcro tape, as insects come through every little gap. Be very careful when installing. This solution is not suitable for doors, otherwise you will not be able to walk through them. A night part is that you can not reach through the window anymore. In addition, the net can detach from the Velcro strip over time.

Curtains for doors

Another option for doors is insect screen curtains. These are made of different materials such as bamboo, fabric, plastic and beads. If you prefer to keep it neutral, you can fall back on an insect screen made of fly screens. These offer the advantage that they can often be fixed without drilling. The disadvantage is that you have to push the curtain aside if you want to go through the door.

For whom is which alternative suitable?

Their task to keep insects out of the house, come to all variants. However, they differ in durability, design and installation effort. Of course, these differences are reflected in the price of the respective products. When buying – regardless of which version – but above all make sure that the fabric is very fine mesh. This is the only way to make sure that even the smallest insects have no way to get inside. For example, you can find particularly fine mesh fly screens here.

What options exist when the annoying animals are already in the house?

Annoying mosquitoes can not only sting. Your humming can also be very annoying. But what to do if you already have insects in the house? On the one hand, there is the possibility of protecting yourself from the animals with a mosquito net. Just attach this with a chop over your bed. In addition, you can tell the vermin by using odors fight. In particular, lavender is said to keep annoying insects away, as well as other decorative green plants. Of course you can also resort to more drastic measures and use an insect repellent. However, this chemical mace is not particularly pet friendly. It is a neurotoxin that can harm humans in the long term.Therefore, use such sprays extremely sparingly.