Large windows for more living comfort in the massive house

You want to fulfill the dream of a home and build new? Then you should first make a basic decision – namely for the solid house or prefabricated house. Solid houses offer you some advantages over the prefabricated house. We have summarized the most important points in this article for you:

  1. Solid houses are stable in value
  2. Solid houses are durable
  3. Solid houses can be planned individually
  4. Solid houses are cheap

Only the construction time at the massive house is slightly longer than the prefabricated house. But the statements that solid houses are more expensive per se than prefabricated houses are barely tenable today. There are very cheap providers and by using their own services you can save more money.

How high are the massive house prices?

A blanket statement with which massive house prices you have to expect, can hardly meet. After all, numerous factors are included in the price calculation. Some examples of the price-influencing factors are:

  • The region where the massive house is being built, especially because of the land transfer tax and the cost of the land
  • Pre-planned solid house is cheaper than a solid house, which is completely redesigned by the architect
  • Construction costs – development of the land, construction costs, insurance etc.
  • Equipment details in the massive house – renewable energies, roof forms and roofs, basement, type of tiles and floors used, etc.

Therefore, there are hardly any general statements as to what costs you have to expect at the massive house. A rough guideline is given however with solid house prices of approximately 1.000 to 1.700 euro per square meter of living space. However, this only includes the pure building costs and interior design. The cost of the land, the financing and the like are not included. Detailed information on how to reduce the prices of the Massivhaus can also be found here.

Can I lower the massive house prices?

In general, the massif house prices can be lowered, for example by own contributions. However, think in advance exactly how much time and practical skills you have, if you want to agree on own work. Are you a trained tiler, you can of course lay the tiles in the house itself. But also think about the time. How long can you handle the double burden of rent and installment financing? You will only get to work on your new home after work, on weekends or on vacation. The day-to-day obligations, such as the car service for the children, must be managed as well. Therefore, you have to stay longer than planned in the rented apartment with high own achievements.

There are also areas where it's better not to lend a hand. The electrical system, for example, is one such area. But also when installing the windows, you should resort to professional help.

The windows in the massive house

Especially the windows, often called the eyes of a house, deserve special attention. If you opt for large and floor-to-ceiling windows, you will receive a clear plus in living comfort. So floor to ceiling windows can not only provide light-flooded rooms and the connection between the garden area and the interior. They also help save energy – provided they are properly installed.

Therefore always make sure that all windows are installed according to RAL guidelines. Only if the connections between window and masonry are optimally executed, your windows keep what you promise.

If you opt for large windows to increase your living comfort, you should also pay attention to some things regarding energy:

  • Modern windows are now offered only with multiple glazing. You have the choice between double and triple glazing.You can also select special passive house windows.
  • The inter-pane spaces are filled with inert gases in modern windows to improve thermal insulation.
  • Also crucial is the edge bond, which should bring heat-insulating properties with it.
  • Special spacers hold the individual disks at a constant distance from each other. Here, with the "warm edge", there is the opportunity to provide even more thermal insulation.

For floor-to-ceiling windows, you should also think about burglary protection, especially on the ground floor. After all, the number of burglaries in Germany continues to rise. Most burglars use doors and windows on the ground floor for entry and, thanks to the often lacking security measures, they also have an easy time. Even if the massive house prices rise thereby, emphasis on high-quality windows. The basic measures for burglary protection include:

  1. Mushroom pin latches, best placed around the entire window. They prevent too easy levering of the windows.
  2. Safety glass, which can not be hit without further ado.
  3. Lockable window handles, which are offered for almost every modern window.

In addition, there are special Smart Home solutions on the window, which warn about SMS, if the windows when leaving the house are still open and close them at the touch of a button or via the Internet.

In addition to the burglary protection and thermal insulation at the window you should pay attention to the sound insulation. Nothing is worse than sitting in his new dream solid house and catching every sound from outside. Special soundproof windows also consist of several individual panes. However, these are constructed asymmetrically, which means that the individual panes have different strengths. Sounds are spread as sound, that is, as vibration. If the vibration hits the window, it also sets the disc in vibration. This passes the vibration to the next disc and so the sound is transmitted until you hear it in the interior. Soundproof windows, on the other hand, do not easily transmit the vibrations and you have more peace of mind in your home.

Large windows in different variants

Most people know large windows especially as balcony or patio doors. But you can also provide entire house fronts with glass today. Here special sliding windows and doors are suitable for even more living comfort. Since these are pushed aside, you have more space in the interior.

If in doubt, you can advise the contracting construction company or ask a window manufacturer on site, which possibilities there are. If you decide to have large windows in order to gain more light in the interior, you should pay attention to narrow window frames. This leaves more space for the glazing and it gets even more light in the premises.

But also include the costs for the large windows in your calculation. The more large windows you choose, the higher the total cost of the massive house. However, modern windows are very durable, so the investment is well worth it. The heat-insulating properties also save energy costs permanently.