Modern vacuum cleaner – is the purchase worthwhile?

Many traders on the market – what is the point of purchase?

The market now has countless suppliers of vacuum robots. The first question is whether buying a robot really pays off. Pros and cons of a household robot, we have summarized here before. Those who decide for themselves that the benefits outweigh them are facing the next challenge. Which provider offers the best price-performance ratio? Although the market price for vacuum robots has generally fallen in recent years, the prices between the various models still differ considerably. Helpful for the decision are comparison portals, such as, the various vacuum robots in a parkour on cleaning performance, volume, capacity and various additional properties of each model test. The purchase of a vacuum robot essentially depends on three characteristics: battery life, volume and driving strategy. Also, the connection with a smart home system can be an important criterion for the purchase.

Vacuum robots make everyday life easier ©

Battery life and cleaning time

One of the major problems in the past has always been the low battery life of the vacuum cleaner robot. In recent years, however, there has been significant improvement in this regard. Meanwhile, almost every device creates an average running time of 60 to 90 minutes. Expensive equipment even promises that they can clean an entire apartment of 150 square meters with a battery life. When making a purchase, make sure that the robotic vacuum cleaner independently returns to the charging station or that you must manually connect it to the charging station.


The volume of a vacuum robot is on average 60-70 decibels. In itself, the volume is slightly quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner which may be no more than 85 decibels. However, it must be noted that a vacuum cleaner sucks longer, ie, if necessary, one is exposed to the volume longer. Especially when the robotic vacuum cleaner is to be active during your presence, you have to pay attention to the differences between the individual models. These differ not only in the volume, but also in the nature of the sounds. Some sucking sounds are perceived as more unpleasant than others.

Driving strategy and control

The vacuum robots work with different driving strategies. Cheap models drive off the room by accident. Although they come in difficult corners, but work less accurate. It may happen that the vacuum robot moves several times several times and omits others for it.
Work more efficiently Models that work with infrared or a 360 ° camera. These vacuum robots independently work out a map of the room and then move overlapping tracks from one wall to the other. Their sensors prevent them from falling down stairs or bumping into furniture and objects. When making a purchase, you should also consider the importance of a programmable vacuum robot. Cheap models usually do not have such a feature, but it can be very handy if the robot is to suck at a specific time so as not to disturb family members or neighbors.

The latest robot models are Smart

The latest vacuum robots can also be connected to common smart home systems such as via the WLAN and the smartphone. For this you need the app of the respective vacuum robot manufacturer. These can be used to control your vacuum robot via the smartphone. Announces, for example, spontaneous visit, assign the vacuum robot on the way to once again to suck the house or apartment. You can also send it back to its charging station by pressing a button. In addition, it is possible for some apps to manage custom cleaning settings and use the app to see which areas have already been cleaned.

Prepare the apartment for vacuuming with the robotic vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming robots are comfortable and a great support in everyday life. However, a vacuum cleaner is not suitable in every household.High door thresholds, winding rooms or high carpets are still an exclusion criterion for the purchase of a robotic vacuum cleaner. It also does not represent a fully fledged alternative to a conventional vacuum cleaner. Households with pets or children, however, benefit from a vacuum cleaner, as it makes everyday life easier. Anyone who acquires a vacuum robot, must prepare the apartment before cleaning. The following items must be removed from all robots before use:

  • Cords such as cables, shoelaces, hair ties or flat, light objects such as toys of children or pets are quickly sucked in and obstruct the work
  • Clothes on the floor have to be put away before sucking
  • high rugs and bath rugs are folded down
  • Vacuum robots that work with camera do not work in the dark. Set the timer beforehand or control it via your smartphone