Seal window – How to protect yourself from drafts

Heating costs are rising more and no one knows why? Then you should check if your windows are leaking. Cold air enters through small gaps and a lot of heat is lost, which has to be paid later. In many cases, this can be compared with the heating with an open window symbolically. But not only buildings with old windows are affected. Although modern windows are usually denser than old buildings, if these are not set correctly, the heat can be lost here as well. In such cases, action must be taken quickly, because the faster remedial action is taken, the more money you can save. When the windows are sealed, there is no drafts, which improves the indoor climate. In addition, you can prevent so mold on the windows. How to properly seal your windows, see this article.

Find leaks before the window seal

Before starting with the sealing of the windows, one looks for the places, where drafts penetrate. To find out which parts are leaking, there are several possibilities:

1) On the one hand you can slowly walk along the frame on the inside of the window with a lighter. In the places where the fire flickers, there is draft. Instead of a lighter you can also use a candle for this test.

2) Another option is to use a piece of paper to determine which part of the window is where drafts are coming in. Simply clip the sheet of paper into the window and close it. If the sheet can now be pulled out with the window closed, the window is leaking. If leaks are found, remedial action can be taken. For this purpose, care should be taken whether it is wood or plastic windows. In specialized shops or in the tree market there are corresponding profiles for the sealing of the windows and doors. As a rule, even attaching a sealing tape brings success.

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  • For very old windows, window putty is used for sealing. This does not last forever and has to be renewed at some point. To remove the old window putty, you can heat the appropriate places with a hair dryer. After the old putty has been thoroughly removed, you should mask off the disc with painter's crepe and brush the wood with linseed oil varnish. The putty is then kneaded and formed into small rolls. This is then pressed into the joint and smoothed out. With dry wood, you can oil the window from time to time with linseed oil varnish.

    Sealing plastic windows – how it works!

    Rubber seals are suitable for most plastic windows. Before the new rubber seal is applied, the window or frame should be thoroughly cleaned, as the sealing tape will later be applied to the frame. The better the frame has been cleaned, the stronger the sealing tape will hold later. The attachment of the sealing tape should be done with great care. This can be difficult, especially in the corners, but it is especially important here for the sealing tape to close precisely. Because only then can windows and doors be well sealed. Seals of this type should be checked regularly and replaced when worn.

    Seal windows – gaskets are a long-term solution

    If it is your own home, it is worth considering whether you prefer not for profile gaskets. They are more expensive to purchase than the sealing tape, but of higher quality. However, you should wait the profile gaskets regularly and processed accordingly with graphite. This avoids that the seals are porous and the wear is kept as low as possible. Now and then it happens that in spite of attaching the profile seal still draft is present. This problem can often be solved by properly adjusting the doors and windows. If it does not succeed, a look from the carpenter can help: A light sanding of the frame can bring the desired success here.

    The right care and maintenance

    To be protected from leaking windows for a long time, you should periodically maintain your windows to see if they are still tight. Plastic windows should be treated regularly with graphite. You can always oil wood windows with linseed oil varnish. So the seals remain elastic. Likewise, the windows should be adjusted regularly or before the heating period. Even so, penetration of the drafts can be avoided. As an extra protection, especially in the cold months, it is recommended to use existing shutters at the house.