Setup tips for beginners

Anyone can buy beautiful furniture for the new apartment – they set up just a few. If one observes some basic rules, a gloomy environment becomes an individual oasis of well-being. What matters when furnishing and decorating, we tell you here with these furnishings tips.

Put on individual pieces

Table of Contents

  • 1 Put on individual pieces
  • 2 buy inventory gradually
  • Mix 3 styles
  • Use cleverly 4 light sources
  • 5 Integrate personal

Trends come and go, style remains. You can not learn that, but you can set it up correctly. If you are less interested in current trends than in timeless classics, you will find it easier to design your home. Rather put on high-quality furnishings and special pieces. Design classics, such as chairs by Arne Jacobsen or Vitra give every room a special touch and are guaranteed to be in use for 20 years.

Buy inventory gradually

A mistake that many furnishing fans make: In the parade, buy all furniture at the same time. That should be avoided if possible. Instead, set up one room after another. Watch light incidents, make your favorite places and then react. A sense of living has to develop first. Anyone driving in the furniture shop without a clue quickly loses track of what really fits together. Where does a lamp go, where is there room for a stool or a chair? Take your time when moving in and live rather eight months without a lampshade, as with a bad purchase on the ceiling.

Mix styles

Ikea has many beautiful and above all affordable things. But who furnishes his entire living space with the style of the Scandinavian chain, can be found quickly in a catalog landscape without atmosphere again. Better: mix Ikea pieces with flea market or retro furniture or spice up industrial style with country house look. True to the motto: Opposites attract, because only a mix of materials or styles provides suspense. Above all, cool materials such as steel or glass alone quickly feel cold and careless. Together with warm raw materials, such as wood or paper, the look is guaranteed.

Use light sources cleverly

Especially small rooms need a good lighting concept, so that they can unfold their charm. That sounds more complicated than it actually is. Important: Avoid installing a single light source. Many different lights make the room cozy and distribute the light better than a ceiling spotlight.

Integrate personal

Decoration and art give every room a soul. Whether picture frame, vase or homemade, individual treasures give your living concept that certain something. After all, every visitor should see that you live in this apartment. Hang something personal on the wall or put pictures of friends or something you have painted on the windowsill. Tip: Old magazines or magazines are extremely decorative and are also good as a storage area in the bedroom or living room.