For craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers to do a job successfully, they need the right tools. The success of a manual work depends on the choice of the right tool. For tools, a distinction is made between simple, manually operated tools, simple power tools and machine tools, and electronically controlled tools.

Every job, every material needs different tools

The importance of tools recognized people very early. The former humans used as tools simply things, stones and sticks occurring in nature. Later tools were edited to be more effective. Finally, in the course of the technicization ever more sophisticated tools and machines were produced. Today, many jobs are facilitated by power tools, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, automatic tools.

Simple tools

Simple tools are used manually, solely by physical force. Such tools are

  • the simple hammers in different sizes up to the sledgehammer
  • rubber hammer
  • Pliers tools, eg pliers, pliers, bolt cutters, pipe wrenches, pliers, side cutters, water pump pliers
  • Sawing tools, eg foxtail, tree saw, fretsaw, jigsaw
  • Hand drill for wood
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches, Allen key
  • Woodworking tools, such as planer, rasp, chisel
  • Spatula, such as tooth and mason spatula
  • the various simple cutting tools, such as the craft knife
  • Spiked roller for wallpaper dissolving
  • Shovel, rake, hoe for gardening

A selection of these tools should be available in every household. They are used all the time, be it when nails are hammered in with a nail gun, screws loosened or tightened, nails are removed, small hand-boring holes are made, or tears and other imperfections need to be troweled.

Tools with electric drive and other drives

What should also be missing in any household and certainly not a home improvement, are some of the electrically powered tools. Most widely used is the drill in different designs. Most modern drills still have different attachments. This can also be screwed, there are grinding attachments and more. Other known electrical tools include

  • Hand and table saws
  • grinders
  • Cordless Stapler
  • soldering iron
  • Electric cutting devices
  • Hammer drills

Wherever pumps are used, they are usually hydraulic tools. Furthermore, the many tools that are operated with compressed air, such as the pneumatic hammer, compressed air guns and more. Above all, such tools are used where a lot of power is needed. This is the case, for example, when working with natural stone and solid masonry.

Versatility and special tools

With electric tools in particular, the trend today is more and more to produce tools in which only attachments and specific parts have to be exchanged in order to use them for different jobs. Especially for the DIY enthusiast, such tools are practical, as they save a lot of space. The best example is the drill. But even with the grinding machines and electric saws can be performed by different attachments a variety of work. But home improvement does not get around a number of special tools when renovating and building. Especially when it comes to processing very special materials such as plastic, glass or metals, special tools are required. Whatever pays off is a quality tool.Therefore, when buying a tool, you should always look for the best quality, prescribed test marks, safety and good test results.