Wallies wall stickers

How to beautify your walls with wallies

The modern stickers for the wall are basically reusable design foils. This distinguishes Wallies: They are murals or wall stickers that are vinyl-coated and pre-glued. Since they are already cut to size, only water and a (paper) cloth are needed. Just in case the motif is to be mounted on woodchip, additional wallpaper paste is required. Once the selected substrate is dry and clean, the selected wall decorations may either be immersed directly in water for about five seconds or kept under running water. Then the motif is pressed with the help of a cloth to be beautified place. Of course, Wallies, as soon as redecorated, can be removed without leaving any residue. The surface is not damaged by this, and detached wall stickers can even be used again. For anyone who wants to personalize their rooms and not just use traditional wallpaper and borders, these handy murals are an excellent decoration option. Depending on which overall picture the chosen room should convey, first of all a wallpaper can be applied or the walls painted in the desired color. The stickers are then the icing on the cake – and definitely a great eye-catcher in the newly designed room.

Advantages of wall tattoo

Clear advantages of the high-tech wall stickers are the ease of installation without tools, the reusability and the absence of acid and lignin. Anyone who used to want to have special motifs on his wallpaper had to either be able to draw accordingly or to make a stencil. After this preliminary work, depending on the size and level of difficulty, the outline was filled with various colors. Wallies, on the other hand, require no artistic skill. In particular, also eliminates possible correction work, which were at least on Raufaser but now and then necessary. If you want to redecorate your home these days, thanks to Wallies, this can happen very quickly: By fitting the murals that fit the planned change of the room, you can set new accents. Perhaps a hitherto rather neglected corner of the room should be put in the limelight? Then, for example, particularly eye-catching designs could be chosen, which are additionally illuminated with a lamp. Such a use of wall decals or stickers is particularly recommended for the delineation of a living room area – such as a bar area. Of course, such decorations can also be best used to hide places on the walls, which would actually require a renovation.

Wallies for different purposes

The wall stickers of the latest generation not only make rooms stand in a new light. Rather, they are versatile to use: containers, such as cardboard boxes or simple cans, can first be painted or sprayed with the selected color. In the next operation, a motif which pleases particularly well and perhaps gives an indication of the contents of the container can then be stuck on. Also for this purpose, it is absolutely advantageous that the stickers have a vinyl coating and can be dispensed with a protective coating. How fast standard paper-based stickers do not look good – especially when they're on containers in the kitchen, bathroom or workshop. If, on the other hand, the Wallies are soiled, they can simply be wiped off or washed off. Another interesting area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for vinyl-coated images is furniture: shelves, cabinets, chairs and other pieces of furniture are given a completely different look thanks to wall stickers. Especially children are always enthusiastic about the furniture decorated in this way.And, of course, what applies to the walls also applies to the furniture: without any problems and without leaving any damage, the stickers should be removed as soon as you decide to change the decor.

Buy trendy wall decoration

Wallies are now available at numerous online shops that specialize in modern wall decorations. In these shops numerous articles, such as flowers, are available. If you already know roughly which motif you want to attach in which room, you can usually make a motif selection directly or look at the articles for the different rooms. Often, the assortment is divided into stickers / tattoos for children's rooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. In addition, not only for children stickable memo boards and chalk boards are interesting. In the dimensions of ordinary memo plaques Wallies with or without decoration are available, which are to be labeled with fiber pens, which are enclosed in each case. The easy-care vinyl surface ensures that the board is not only easy to label, but also cleanable. The chalk board is also equipped with a vinyl surface. On the blackboard it is possible to write with chalk and chalk pencils. Wiping works just as easy as on a real chalk board.

Order wallies easily

If you would like to order the desired murals via an online dispatch, you should first look at the valid terms and conditions and contact the service if you have any questions. The prices for the available designs are displayed in euros or dollars depending on the selected shop. Usually you have to register before ordering as a customer. For this purpose, the personal data along with the email address and password must be indicated. Since the service of most shops provides for multiple payment methods to choose from, here is the right to be called. After payment in EUR, the goods are sent directly to the shipping department. It takes only a few days until the products arrive and can serve the wall decoration.