Wallpaper Trends 2017 – Living in Nature

Every year new trends emerge not only in fashion, we can also admire new decorative and living objects every year for the living area. As in the last year, we present you the current wallpaper trends again this year. From timeless and elegant to creative and extraordinary, everything is back this year.

New look for your home

In the spring we bring fresh wind into our home – and not only during spring cleaning. But if you want a change in your own home, you do not have to resort to new furniture or much decoration, with wallpapers you can visually achieve great effects in a short time.

Greenery – get a piece of nature home

"Greenery" is the color of the year 2017. With the cactus and succulent trend, everything started, now rich green colors are indispensable. In addition to green furniture and decorative elements, the wall design plays a central role in this trend. Green is the color of nature, which has a calming but at the same time revitalizing effect on us. But who thinks now of a simple green wallpaper, is far from missing. Patterns and photo wallpapers define the Greenery Trend. Wallpaper with large exotic prints, like those of www.tapetenmax.de, bring an exotic jungle ambience into your living room. Also photo wallpapers with forest patterns or wide landscapes fit perfectly to the Greenery Trend.

Refined patterns in muted colors

In addition to the exciting greenery trend and natural floral patterns, this year you will find many wallpaper in muted colors with delicate, elegant but sophisticated patterns:

  • Geometric patterns give your wall a refined look
  • Patterned wallpapers, which play with shiny and matt elements, create modern elegance
  • Also Mandalas are in demand again, as a subtle wall decoration they bring you a piece of Orient in your home
  • Leather-look wallpapers or hammered gold designs create deceptively real illusions

Tip: Paper canvas or chipboard

Wallpapers are beautiful, varied and give each home an individual look. But homeowners are often unsure and shy away from buying wallpaper, because at the handover of the wallpaper must be removed. Even those who like to go with the latest trends, find a constant change of wallpaper on takes a lot of time. But you do not have to do without your favorite pattern on the wall. You can easily put your favorite wallpaper on a canvas. Also a chipboard is suitable for wallpapering. For a special look, attach a light tube in the color of your choice to the back of the chipboard and mount the plate a small distance from the wall. So you can change your wallpaper according to your mood and have at the same time a beautiful indirect lighting for your living room.

Spice up furniture with wallpaper

The current wallpaper trends are also wonderful, to give shabby and boring furniture a new touch. For example, old cabinets shine with a modern leaf pattern wallpaper in a new, modern sheen. Even an old table top can breathe new life with a colorful wallpaper and a glass top. With a little creativity, you can design your apartment so individually.