Window design: Give the windows a new look

To give the windows a new look: New ideas in window design

Beautifully designed windows are in addition to the other tastefully decorated furnishings an important eye-catcher in the overall arrangement. When choosing the right window accessories for window design, you can choose among others the blinds, curtains and blinds. Depending on your own needs and type of use, they have individual advantages that you should take into account in the room setup.

Venetian blinds, curtains or blinds: what is the best choice?

A beautifully furnished living room looks unfinished without appropriate window decoration. Depending on your needs, you can customize the windows with blinds, blinds or curtains, all three shapes convince by their practical side and their functionality, they are also easy to maintain. The advantages of the three decorative shapes could be described as follows:

  • Curtains: They still offer the most modern window design option. You can select them when setting up in different fabric thicknesses. They exist as transparent, translucent and opaque version. If you overlay different fabrics in the window design, you get exciting lighting effects in the room. For use in your own home you get the curtains in different colors and fabric patterns. Currently, bright green and purple curtains can be described as trendy. Classic curtains are an interesting eye-catcher, but they are best only for straight windows.
  • Blinds: They belong to the sun protection classics par excellence. The design of the blinds allows you to let in just as much sunlight as you need. In the windows with blinds you get beautiful light and shadow games. Modern blinds and other window decors are available at Jaromondo on the Internet. Venetian blinds are available in different versions: They can be made of plastic, wood or aluminum. Other than with the curtains, blinds can be fixed next to straight and inclined windows. When choosing colors and patterns you can actually fulfill every wish of the heart. From the operability they are particularly straightforward. Depending on what you choose, you can choose between horizontally adjustable and vertically adjustable slats. They can be adjusted by means of a cord, crank or a motor. On the market there are also special designs, which are intended for bay windows or arched windows.
  • Roller Blinds: They are currently experiencing a renaissance and are particularly versatile in design. They are made of cotton, acetate film, chemical fiber, as rollable curtains and decorative fabric, made of plastic or bamboo. They also convince by their diversity in the selection of patterns and colors. Roller blinds are very functional and straightforward, they can be used as a side blind or built-in blind. In addition, there are still various cassette blinds, spring blinds or electric blinds. They are easy to maintain and easy to operate. Roller blinds can be installed in the slanted, straight, triangular or gable windows. Very practical are the insulating or thermal protection roller blinds that have been on the market for a short time.