Winter half-year in the garden – time for a new hedge trimming

The winter season has begun. Many plants now go into hibernation and get by with little care. Others, however, need your attention at this time of the year. If you want to enjoy the green hedges again in the spring, you need to rejuvenate the hedge in the winter months.

Preparation and equipment for the perfect hedge trimming

A healthy and well-maintained hedge is both privacy and creative element. It also provides shade to smaller plants and is home to many animals. If you want to have something of his hedge for a long time, you should pay attention to a good tool and the right cutting technique. Before you start editing, familiarize yourself with local legal regulations.

Observe legal regulations

Removal or pruning of the hedge is permitted in the period from October to early March, according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act. In the summer months you may only make a shape cut. The reason for this are breeding birds, which seek refuge in the summer months. Anyone who does not comply with the legislation must expect a fine of up to € 15,000.

Depending on the state, regulations on the height of the hedge and the distance to the neighborhood border are different. You can find out about the conditions at your location and an overview of the characteristics and stature heights of various plants at If parts of the hedge protrude over the fence onto the neighboring property, you are obliged to cut the shoots regularly. Many neighbors agree on a mutual cut of the neighboring hedge.

Which tool is needed for a hedge trimming?

With proper care you have years of enjoyment of a hedge. On a sharp hedge trimmer should not be saved. A plant can cope with a clean and smooth cut better than broken or fibrous interfaces. These mushrooms provide a large attack surface and harm the plant. Various hedge trimmer models are represented on the market:

hedge clippers advantages disadvantage application
Manual hedge trimmer
  • easy handling
  • comes easily in angled corners
  • quiet ride off
  • low acquisition costs
  • Body and force required
  • in small hedges or for the trim
  • Angled places on the hedge
Battery operated hedge trimmer
  • low weight
  • freedom of movement
  • little physical effort
  • Work is limited to battery power
  • often not enough power to cut thick branches
  • Ideal for cutting medium-sized hedges
Gas powered hedge trimmer
  • strong engine power
  • longer missions are no problem
  • heavy weight makes handling difficult
  • high noise level
  • expensive
  • less suitable for the garden

Gentle hedge trimming

A hedge is a low-maintenance plant that provides privacy to the neighbor. The noble green only needs to be cut twice a year. Spread over the year, only small shoots are removed to keep the hedge shape.

Before starting, stretch a string at the desired height. This allows you to cut as straight as possible. The hedge is cut in the direction of growth. To protect yourself from injury, wear work clothes while working.If your hedge has only a few leaves or gaps, a rejuvenation cut makes sense. How to do this is explained in the following video:

Balls, cones or figures – shaped cuts as a decorative element

Shape cuts as decorative elements in the garden are becoming increasingly popular. There are hardly any limits in the form. Geometric shapes provide a stylish elegance while figures are a real eye-catcher. The following types of hedges are particularly suitable for a shape cut:

  • Tree of Life (Thuja)
  • Buxbaum
  • yew
  • liguster

A hedge is easy to maintain, but forgives cutting errors difficult. When form cutting, therefore, sensitivity and patience is required. Cut away less at the beginning, than annoy yourself later on gaps. If you have little experience or do not feel confident about the first cut, consult a gardener. The Gardeners of Eden will find a gardener in your area to help you with your garden design. Once the hedge is in shape you need to cut it up to five times a year. You can do this yourself. In addition to a good hedge trimmer, a bush cutter for fine work makes sense.